Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'll save you...

I went for my first outside run in a long long long time yesterday. It was a gorgeous day - perfect mix of sun, clouds, and breeze. Probably the best before the summer heat!

I had forgotten how many hills there are around here! By the upteenth one I was about to collapse. I had run 6miles on a treadmill about 2 weeks go, but it did feel a bit different outside. haha I definitely worked different muscles, but that's good considering I will need all. of. them. in a couple of months for the super duper long run.

Anyways...when I was about 1.5miles from home I discovered a turtle sitting in the middle of the road (one that looks just like the one below)! I knew it would get smashed if it stayed there so, of course, I had to save it - I love turtles. I gently placed it on the curb, completely safe from cars :0) Let's hope it stays there!

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