Saturday, January 31, 2009

A little this, A little that

Ryan and I haven't done too much this week. I've been fighting a cold and though I feel I've been resting a lot (more than usual) I'm still really tired. Mid-morning on Monday, I took a trip to the library and by the time I got home I was so wiped I had to lay down on the sofa until afternoon trash t.v. came on. My nose has been stuffed, so I feel like I've been breathing through my mouth all week, which in my opinion feels lazy and gross. haha Let's hope it passes soon :)

Today Ryan and I did some sofa shopping around town. We didn't find anything, but we have a lot of time until the basement is finished to find the perfect set! We initially went out looking because the store we bought our bedroom suite is going out of business, and we thought we might find a good deal, but it wasn't too impressive.

He's been working on the basement for most of the afternoon. On the second floor I can hear the nails and screws going into the walls - one the first floor I can feel the nails and screws going in. It's pretty safe to say that when a major construction project is going on at your house (like finishing your basement) there's no escaping it. He has been working so hard and I know in several months we'll be so grateful for our extra space - in the basement and garage!! We'll finally be able to park in there again!

I've been keeping busy by being domestic - cleaning and cooking. I made puppy chow for Jess & Evan's Superbowl party tomorrow! It's absolutely delicious....I tasted it to make sure!!

This is probably the best picture of puppy chow I've ever seen. Obviously, I didn't take it, but mine looks just as good :) hehe

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