Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Recap!

I meant to put these up soon after Ryan and I got back from NJ on Thursday, but after taking down decorations, organizing, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, running errands, sleeping, movie watching, and shopping (again) I just ran out of time.

We had a delightful Christmas and New Years together - our first as a married pair :) We traveled to 2 different locations, approximately 7 1/2 hrs. away from each other, in less than 2 weeks with a quick stop in Harrisburg to do laundry and feed the fish. Even with days of laying around and eating in between, it felt like a lot. We're young though, and always up for road trips, especially to see family! We were equipped with lots of....

Open Road

Fist made microphones - nice Ryan!

Gigantic puzzle books

Snacks and drinks

And smiles, because of the serenade, snacks, and drinks!

Once we arrived in Cleveland we were embraced by family and lots (and lots and lots) of car unloading. It was absolutely freezing so I transported all our stuff (and presents!) from the laundry/entry area to their desired location in the house. Emily's house is shoe free and slipper friendly, so we needed someone to stay in the warmth and filter things out of the entry way!

The Wilkinson Christmas decorations were beautiful!

Upstairs Christmas Tree - Owen was concerned when he arrived because "there aren't any presents under the tree!"

Downstairs tree before Christmas magic!

Day Before Christmas Eve
The days leading up to Christmas we played a lot of Wii (a game for all ages), board games, ate, and relaxed around the house.

Owen bowling with a little help from Chris. Dad waving (he loves doing that for pictures).

Jenn bowling - she was good!

Emily in action! She was ridiculously good too!

Dad giving it a try. His balls went slow. Real slow. Just slow enough for a quick snack break.

Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve we did a whole bunch of fun things!

Drew, Dad, Ryan, and I played Parchese - which lasted a long long time and involved someone (pictured below) creating a blockade that kept everyone at a standstill almost the entire game.

Owen and I drew a "thank-you" picture for Santa and everyone signed it. Uncle Drew used Owen's back - silly Uncle.

The whole family attended a beautiful candle light Christmas Eve service at Emily and Drew's church!

Christmas Day!
We woke up and Christmas magic had happened...while were sleeping (or maybe just before we went to bed! :) )

Christmas love was inevitable!

Emily got a Hippopotamus!

Ryan got a Golf Bag and.....
Tickets to a NYC show!

Jenn enjoying a new purse (oh yeah!)

And there were 4 of us, that's right 4, who received lovely L.L. Bean slippers!

Being with my family this year was super! But the best part this year was spending the holidays with my best friend, Ryan.

After Christmas

Don't worry - the fun didn't stop at Christmas!

Cranium was played by all!

We ate and drank more :)

And these two stinkers watched cartoons.

Christmas in NJ

We drove to NJ after a quick stop in Harrisburg on the Saturday after Christmas. For some reason, I didn't take any pictures throughout this trip - sorry! I must have been pictured out - I should have passed the camera on to Ryan. We received some very wonderful presents from Lynn and Larry! Thanks so much for the gifts!

One I used this morning and will continue to use every morning! Ryan is using his miter saw today and the surround sound has taken our T.V. watching to a whole new level!

Throughout our week in NJ we played a lot of boardgames, watched movies, and were reintroduced to the Game Boy. Dr. Mario called my name several times and in most, okay every, instance I answered.

We hung out with Shannon (she's leaving for Italy and Greece on the 3rd!!), Jason & Marissa, and the newly engaged couple, Darren & Kasie. They are getting married April 11! So exciting!

Here are 2 of the 7 pictures (sorry) I took in NJ!

The newly engaged couple looking up wedding things online :)
Sadie - Kasie's newest addition to her family. She likes to lick - a lot.

Ryan and I are so blessed to have two families that care and love us so much!
We hope your holiday was full of as much love, joy, eating, and fun as ours!

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