Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving & Then Some...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Ryan and I spent Thanksgiving at his aunts house in upper/mid NJ. They are Italian, so besides the delicious traditional turkey, gravey, etc. meal they had a fabulous, large lasagna! I was feeling pretty good and not overful until my second piece of apple pie. Ha. I knew it would be a mistake, but went for it anyways. Good thing Ryan and I did our annual holiday jog together. Ryan and I rarely run together, but when we vacation away on a holiday we think it's nice to spend some time working out together. It was cold, but refreshing :)

On Friday we (Ryan, Shannon, and myself) were brave and headed out early for some good Black Friday deals! I can't believe Ryan actually got up (my morning person side must be rubbing off on him). We hit Wal-Mart first and were all shocked by the extremely long lines at the check out and hoards of people, that we walked around then left immediatly. We also hit Target, Kohls, Michaels, Old Navy, Gap, and Best Buy were we bought a blender and other Christmas suprises :) We also had a nice lunch out with Ryan's parents!

Today we're going out to cut down the Harris' Christmas tree and decorate! I used to do that as a kid with my Dad and sisters when I lived in Trout Run. Perhaps I will write about my childhood Christmas tree adventures at another time.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thankgiving! I am thankful for so many things...God has been so good to both Ryan and I.

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