Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finishing the Basement

When Ryan and I bought our townhouse we knew that we wanted to start finishing the basement as soon as possible. Several months after I moved in Home Depot delivered a whole basement worth of materials into our garage. The materials came at 6:30am on a flatbed truck that had to be unloaded with a fork lift....I'm pretty sure our neighbors appreciated all the noise so early in the morning.

This is our garage full of we both have to park on the street. I don't mind too much, however, I'm sure once the first frost comes I'll want my garage spot back!!

Here are some of the walls Ryan framed out. He built and moved most of them by himself. I helped carry one over that pile of stuff on the left side of picture. Only the small Christmas tree was hurt in the move, but don't worry I fixed it. We thought an additional challenge for Ryan would be to keep as much stuff in the basement as possible while he was working. He has to work around a table, chairs, foosball game, Christmas decorations, a loaded bookcase and a ton of other little odds and ends. So far he's doing good..we'll see how long it lasts.

More studded out walls!

The carpenter himself doing a little hammering (if you can't tell).

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