Saturday, April 29, 2017

penn liam paul - 2 years

Happy Birthday Penn!!

My little wild man!
Has it really been 2 years?!? That is crazy to me! 

Oh Penn you're something special!! You add life, zest, and spunk to our family...we need you to help us not be so boring!! 

You're one busy boy and into all kinds of things these day. One of your favorite things to do is make a mess while you eat. I have never seen such a messy eater. We're trying to teach you good manners, but right now it's a lost cause. If you don't like a food...on the floor it goes. Phinley is your BFF.
When you're not making food messes while you eat, you're making them after by trying to climb up on the table and crawl through all the leftovers before I get a chance to clean up! haha I find you like this a lot. And see Phinley on the bottom right corner?? #teamwork
You started off your first year as a pretty picky eater, but are making progress. You prefer veggies and fruit in a pack, but will lick new foods before tossing them aside. I tend to give you your favorite foods {pepperoni, yogurt, sweet lebanon bologna, avocado, applesauce packs, rotini pasta {only curly noodles} w/ red sauce, tomatoes, pretzels, honey sticks}more often than not. We're all happier when your belly is full.

You may be small in size {like super small}, but you don't let it stop you! I love that about you. Makes my heart pound a few extra times during the day, but you're fearless and are always try to do new things!
One of your favorite places to be is outside! You just LOVE to go outside! Preferably in the swing, but anywhere will do. 
If you're outside and have bubbles, your day has been made :)
You say all sorts of words these days, but one of your first ones was "Ke-on" You just love your brother!! I remember the first time I asked you where Keaton was{he was still napping} and you boogied up the steps and toddled down the hall to his bedroom door. Now you run and pound on the door ;0)

Keaton is definitely your buddy, but I think I still might be your favorite person ;) Now you give hugs and kisses and I could just die I love it so much! That little arm wrapped around my next is the best thing ever! And the way you snuggle with Daddy! We all like to be loved by Penn! You're a pro at giving kisses and very gracious too...I've been in the church nursery with you and have seen you go after the little girls. They all get kissed! haha
The one who gets the most love, though, is your Bear. You love your Mr. Bear. He generally stays in your crib for rest times, but some days you insist on bringing him down for breakfast. There are nights you talk to Bear for an hour before you fall asleep!
You also love to brush your teeth. You would carry a toothbrush around all day if I let you! HAHA
You haven't met another kid you didn't like and want to be everyone's friend. I can't tell you how many times we've been out and you've decided to try and hop into another families stroller. Which is extra strange to me since you don't like riding in OUR stroller.

It's hard not to meet new people with you around!
Penn, I think 2 will suit you just fine :) You love hard, cry hard, and play hard. There's nothing you do half way - it's all or nothing! 

I cannot wait to hear the things you come up with when you start to talk more and the ideas you have as you begin to use your imagination during play.
Penn Liam Paul, you're a gift straight from God to us. Daddy and I pray every day for God to grow in your heart and for you to know how deep and great His love is for you. 

Fun Facts - 2 years
*Sizes-  12/18month in shirt, 12month pants, 4/5 shoe
*Says - bubbles, thank-you, chee {cheese}, yogurt, okay, outside, hi, Kea-ton, Momma, Daddy, up, down, on, off....and lots more!
*Favorite toys/activity - Go-go {run around the downstairs while Mommy carries him}, blow bubbles, swing, be outside!   
*Favorite foods - pepperoni, cheese sticks, applesauce packs, Smash packs
*Favorite place to visit - outside :)
*Favorite books - Animals
*Favorite TV shows - Elmo's World
*Favorite songs - BIBLE, ABCs
*Favorite animals - dog e
*Favorite bath toy - bath books
*Favorite character - Elmo
*Favorite brother - Keaton ;0)

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