Tuesday, January 3, 2017

christmas in NC {kid's museum and more!}

After the freezing cold morning at the 5K, we decided to do warmer things during the rest of our visit :) 

It wouldn't be a trip to Raleigh without visiting Marbles! I love that the boys are older and can do more!
Penn is still on the border of being too small and getting trampled by the bigger kids, but he doesn't seem to mind at all or let that slow him down! He just runs from thing to thing to thing!!

He jumped right up on this surf board - it was hilarious!

 He really just climbed up onto everything. Everything.
And when he wasn't climbing, he was running!! 
Keaton takes a little longer to get warmed up to new places {especially with a lot of people}, but had fun exploring with someone he knew close by :)

He just loved the water table :)
And giant legos!
Fun fun on the piano steps!
We were actually planning to go see Santa, but then changed plans last minute and went to the museum instead. We saved Santa for the next day....

Bass Pro has an awesome Santa set up - so that's where we went! They also have a huge fish tank - double win!

Penn cannot be still for more than 2 seconds. I can't even hold him. He just flails and kicks his legs until I put him down and then runs. The Santa line would have been a nightmare, so Ryan let him wonder around until it was our turn...
As I figured, the boys wanted NOTHING to do with Santa...so we made it a family affair :)

I just love my family!
On our last night, my parents watched the boys so Ryan and I could go see Rogue One and have dinner out. We don't go out very often and so it was a nice treat for us!!

It was really a great visit! The kids always keep things exciting and everyone on their toes :) 

The drive home was a little more exciting than the drive down with Penn throwing up all over himself {like 5x}, but we made it and it was well worth it! Sick kiddos is never fun, esp in the car, but I'm thankful his little stomach bug held off until we were home! 

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