Monday, August 1, 2016

first hair cuts

I wasn't sure this day would ever come, but K finally needed a haircut! I had been trimming it here and there, but he really hated it and I didn't want to fight him. I had no idea what I was doing and his stick straight made every.single.cut. super noticeable!

I've heard more than a few bad kid hair cut stories from family and friends, so to say I was a little paranoid is an understatement.
Keaton's hair also takes forever to a way wrong clip and I'd probably notice it for the next 6 months!

I thought about trying a kids cut place, but in the end opted to just take both boys to my salon :) I know it's clean, the people are nice, and I was pretty sure they'd do a good job. 

So off we went :) 

Whenever I mention anything about getting a hair cut to Keaton he admittedly responds "no hair cut! no hair cut!" So we kept the trip top secret and I packed a bag with every kind of junk food we had on hand. Plus had Daniel Tiger cued on my phone ;0) 

He was so brave! It was pretty loud with all the hair dryers going and bright, but he just stuck close to me and acted like a really big boy!
He mostly watched Daniel and opened his mouth so I could put a fruit snack in :) 

Almost done buddy!! haha 
 He's my goldy locks. His hair is seriously the best color!
It was basically impossible to get a pic of him being still.

Ryan kept Penn outside until Keaton was done and then we switched kiddos. Since it was mostly adults in the salon, they all ohhed and ahhed over how cute K was....then I brought Penn in and they were like...look at that hair!! TWO red heads! And his is curly!! Haha

It was especially humid that day so Penn's curls were in full bloom.

I had to hold him the entire time standing up, so I wasn't able to get an pictures during the cut. His hair is curly, thick, and grows really fast, so I was a lot less stressed. I'd cut it a few times, but figured it was due for a good once over. 

Here he is after in the big chair...

Once we walked out he promptly face planted on the cement and bled all over himself and my shirt, but other than that and a little crying mid-hair cut he did great! haha

 The next day was pretty humid again and his hair went "poof!" pretty much right away. I got some leave-in conditioner for the rest of the summer ;0)
And I almost forgot the best part!! If fruit snacks and a show weren't enough for Keaton - we also promised him ice cream afterwards!
This was before I reached back and took a bite and he cried. HA 
I have a feeling he won't really mind hair cuts in the future. 

Snacks. Show. Ice cream. 

NOT a bad gig at all!

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