Friday, August 14, 2015

keaton mark - 15 months

Keaton you are 15 months old {+ some days}!!

You just in a diaper continues to be my favorite, especially seeing your big chunky thighs walk around. you have the cutest baby thighs.


Where to start?? I guess at your 15 month doctor appointment; you were a little champ! Shots are the worst, but you were a tough guy and only cried for a minute or two. I actually think all the waiting was more painful, at least for Mommy.

You're growing strong and are a healthy little boy!

Being outside is your favorite thing, followed closely by snacking. You love a snack! Those little munchkin snack cups are your absolute'll eat anything I put in those :)

Outside + snack =

You're so easy to please.
You had your first big fall this month. You're really pretty good on your feet, but on this day the bookcase won out and you ended up with a big ol' goose egg on your forehead. A few tears, some angry faces, and you were back to normal.

{Note the snack cup :) It makes everything better. ha}
The spoon is also your favorite. Some little boys carry around cars or carry around a spoon. As in, you sleep with it. Haha! You aren't quite into using it for food yet, but we're working on it ;0) 
Keaton, you've taken on the roll as big brother very seriously and give Penn kisses all day long. You're just itching for the day that you can wrestle and play with him!

I'd like to remember these days as only sweet and full of kisses {which most of them are}, but you've also been throwing fits and getting into some serious mischief. It's so hard not to laugh when you're getting into something. You're so hesitant and wait for my reaction - if you just went for it we'd really be in trouble! HA!You know what you want these days and aren't afraid to let us know if we don't deliver. It's hard to be patient when you're just over one, but we're working on it :)

Keaton Mark, you're amazing. Seriously. You make Daddy & I smile and laugh every single day. We can't imagine life without you.

Fun Facts - 15 months:
*Weighs: 24lbs 11oz {74%}
*Length: 31" {64%}
*Wears size 4 diaper
*Size 12-18 month clothes
*Nurses first thing in the morning and before bed
*Walks with ease and is starting to run
* Tries to use spoon
*Carries an object most of the day {spoon is favorite}
*Sleeps 7:30pm - 7:30am
*Naps at 9am & 1:30/2pm
*LOVES to be outside
*Brown sandals are favorite shoes
*LOVES books {favorite: Little Blue Truck's Christmas}
*Eats a large variety of foods. Favorites: avocado, cheese, goldfish, teddy grahams
*Enjoys listening to "Toddler Tunes" on pandora and singing songs
*Favorite toys: spoon, shape sorter, M&D shape stacker

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