Wednesday, August 5, 2015

birthday weekend!

Wow! What a weekend and what a birthday! 

I think this might go down as one of the best yet :) 

It started Thursday evening when my parents arrived. My Dad's side of the family had it's annual reunion on Saturday, but they came a day early so they could babysit Keaton while Ryan and I went to his cousins wedding on Friday night! Penn is nursing like a champ and refuses to take a bottle, so he got to come along too :) A wedding really is no place for a 3 month old, but Penn did okay. He gets pretty emotional around new faces and loud noises, so we kept him away from....everyone. Ha!

The wedding was beautiful and I'm so glad we were able to go!

Ryan, Penn, & I before the outdoor ceremony.
My little date and I made a quick exit when he started to fuss. Five minutes later he fell asleep. We actually watched the ceremony from under a shaded tree - it wasn't too bad at all! :) 
We got home pretty late {for us} and went right to bed so we could get up early on Saturday and head to a local state park for my family reunion.

Keaton had the time of his life! Being outside is his FAVORITE, so this was pretty much the best day ever. He just walked and wondered all over the place. Penn also loves to be outside, so he was pretty happy being held by Mommy and watching the trees. 

I foresee a lot of camping trips with Daddy in their future :) 

Again, it's hard being out all day with 2 little ones who need naps in their bed, but we did it! I feel like the gearing up and packing takes twice as long as the actual event, but it's worth it. We were all exhausted when we got home though! Haha!

My sisters and parents came back to our house after the reunion to visit for another day and help me celebrate my birthday on Sunday!!

I got zero pictures of my birthday festivities, but trust me...they were great!! I cannot believe that I'm 31. Officially into my 30's. Oh my.

My sister's kiddos, Asher and Hadley, talked about my birthday non-stop the entire day - it was kind of amazing. They also talked about the birthday cake, which tasted amazing. 

If everyone's company wasn't enough, I was spoiled with so many thoughtful and generous gifts! A Fitbit Charge from Ryan & the boys :)
And these must have Kate Spade sparkle earrings from my sister! SO fun!!
AND my dear friend Jess got me this fantastic Alex and Ani MOM bracelet which I'm in love with!
See...totally spoiled.

It was great getting extra help with the boys all day and at one point, when my oldest sister was holding Penn, I thought I was on vacation ;0)

It was a lovely day!

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