Monday, June 29, 2015

penn liam paul - 2 months

Penn Liam Paul you are 2 months old!

Oh how I want to show off your cute little face!! On this blog, though, we've decided to keep you hidden with this little heart until the adoption is finalized in a few months :) 

This last month really seemed to fly by - it's amazing how fast these last 4 weeks have gone. 

You're starting to become one happy little guy :) I think your favorite is when we talk and sing to you, you just like to have someone near by you all the time. Even when you're in the swing you like having someone sit on the floor next to you and watch you go back and forth. You're a smart one.

You also like to be held with your back to our chest and legs crossed & folded up. This really seems to help you toot and burp :) It also lets you see what's going on, which I think you really like! You seem to want to be a part of things and with Keaton walking around these days there's lots to see!
Recently, you seem the most happy in the middle of the night when you wake up to eat. ha! You smile really big when I come in your room - you almost giggle! It's too cute! And really, it's not even the middle of the's around 4:30am!! You've been sleeping 7-8 hours every night since you were 6 weeks old. We try to put you down in your crib between 8:30-9pm each night.

You've also been napping in your crib for the last week or so, which has been incredible!! I think you rest better in your room, than around the house since we're all kind of noisey....especially your brother.

Oh boy - Keaton loves being your brother! When I put you on the floor for stretching and tummy time he basically runs over and dives down to wrestle with you. You 2 are going to be something next year at this time!

Penn, you're an incredible little baby.

It has been the biggest blessing watching you grow and smile at us. There's nothing quite like having you gaze into our eyes - it's like you're telling us you love us. Our family needed you!

We love you sweet cheeks.

FUN FACTS - 2 Months:
*Weighs {will find out Tuesday}
*Length {will find out Tuesday}
*Wears size 1 diaper
*Wears a mix between newborn and 3 month size clothes. Newborn are snug and 3 month are a tad too big.
*Nurses{on average} every 2.5 hours - this includes nighttime. 
*Takes a bottle, but prefers to nurse
*Sleeps 7-8 hour stretches at night. Bedtime between 8:30-9pm wakes around 4-4:30am 
*Naps in crib 3-4x a day with the longest nap in the morning.
*Kicks legs with purpose in bouncer seat and on the floor!
*Sucks on hands
*Watches us move around the room - will turn head to noise and follow toy from side to side
*Loves to be held in the "colic hold" - facing out, legs crossed and frogged up to chest.

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