Tuesday, March 24, 2015

keaton mark - 11 months

Keaton you are 11 months old today!

It's an exciting time for you....onto your last full month of still being 100% baby!

You've been getting into things like it's your JOB these days! Really, you aren't too bad, but definitely more curious than ever!
You are on the move a lot and I really love seeing you explore the house and discover new things....or old things over and over like they are new. It's safe to say the door stoppers that boing are pretty fantastic :)
You are getting pretty fast with the crawling and like to be held up to walk. You've even taken steps with your walker....it won't be long now before you're walking on your own! Phinely has no idea what's coming. He thought your fast crawls were dangerous - just wait until you can run after him. haha! He has a few "safe" spots on the top of the sofa!
K-man I feel like your brain is constantly working. You've really been mimicking us a lot and are starting to do things when we ask {see SO big from yesterday}.

You think it's funny when we say the words "oops" and "ouch" which is kind of inconvenient because when you're playing and try to bite me with your 6 teeth, saying "OUCH!" only makes it more fun. Oh vey,
You continue to be a great eater -- you gobble up everything we put on your tray. I don't think there's a food yet that you refuse to eat, except maybe...baby food. Sometimes you see our food and refuse to eat your Gerber variety. I can hardly blame you. We try to sneak in some veggie baby food first, then bring out the good stuff!

Along with the yummy food has come nasty....poo. Oh my word your digestive system in incredible {like someone else that shall not be named and is not me 0:-)} - you poo all the time. Good for you!

I really LOVE this age! You're busy and like to be entertained more than ever, but I don't mind one bit! It's an honor to take care of you and I want to do the very best job that I can....even if that means singing and dancing without end.
Keaton, you are incredible.

I just love how you're growing and impressing me every day with your new "tricks." Your Daddy and I think you're awesome and the perfect addition to our family! 


Fun Facts: 11 Months
*Weighs: not sure
*Length: not sure
*Wears size 3 diaper
*Size 12 month pants still fit, onesies are getting too short in arms and are pretty snug!
*Sleeps 7:30-7:30 {hasn't woken up once in the middle of the night...yet}
*Naps 2x a day: 9:30/10 for around 1hr & 1:30/2 for around 1.5 hours
*Crawls on his knees with super speed 
*Can pull up on anything and walks with walker
*Likes to make a mess :)
*Enjoys books more than ever and will smile if you ask him if he wants to "listen to stories"
*Can say: Momma & Dadda
*Eats all foods with his favorite being PUFFS 
*Can do "SO big" 
*Gives kisses and high 5s
*Still has super small feet

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