Friday, December 5, 2014

thanksgiving & an early christmas

Ryan, Keaton, and I traveled to NC over Thanksgiving to be with my family!!

We left Thanksgiving morning and arrived just in time to change into matching cousin turkey shirts, snap some pics, and then eat dinner!!

I took a bunch of pics with a lot of....duds. HA!

Here are some of my favorites...
I just love Asher's sweet smile in this picture :)
And his funny face here - at least someone is showing a little personality!
Even a little chin tickling didn't do anything for K-man this time {he was a little overwhelmed by it all}.
 And my very favorite....

Hadley brings a whole new definition to the word empathy in this one - hahaha! 
{No one was harmed here 0:-)}
 I thought dinner was a huge hit! The food was delicious and we had pie for days afterwards - win! The 6 days we were there went by SO quickly! We did all the usual; shopping, lounging, and eating.

Before we left though, we decided to open gifts from my parents, since we wouldn't be seeing them again until next year.

Keaton got introduced to a new word: spoiled :)
He did an awesome job unwrapping! He and Phinley are born naturals. 
He wanted to eat a bunch of the paper {duh}, but boy did he love all his gifts!!

My favorite was this book my parents recorded special for K....I cry every time we read/listen to it :)
 It's really special to us - Keaton loves it!
We're all glad to have some new toys {Ryan & I were getting pretty tired of the few we had - haha}
We already miss everyone....
It's tough not getting entertained 24/7.

Can't wait to see everyone again!!

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