Friday, October 24, 2014

keaton mark - 6 months


My baby is 6 months old today! That's half a year!

I need a moment. 

It's not even funny anymore. My little love machine is growing so quickly - I can't take it!! Seriously.

I switched out all of K's too small clothes this week and emailed Ryan telling him I had a lil' break down complete with tears and rocking K like a little teeny newborn. 

He assured {??} me that he was growing, but it was good! And it is!! I love love love watching Keaton learn new things and see his personality come out, but it ain't always easy.

With that said....

Happy 6 Months Keaton! 

You're doing your favorite thing right now....taking a nap in your crib. You just love to sleep. We keep waiting for you to start waking us up in the middle of the night, but you haven't done that yet! We thank God every morning you have a good rest :)

You almost always wake up smiling...even when Daddy isn't playing the guitar ;0)
You're just as happy as ever! It's a shame more people don't get to see your smiles, because you've really started to be fearful of strangers.
You tend to cry when someone new picks you up or tries to talk to you - at least at first. Your Grandma & Pop Pop babysat you for the first time this week! You weren't a super big fan initially, but woke up from your nap and had a fun time with them :)

It's safe to say we love you more than ever.
Each day is new and full of surprises. Some are funny and some are stinky, but I love them all. 

Keaton, you ARE my little stinker. Seriously, your farts smell SO bad ;0) I thought about dressing you up as a skunk for Halloween, but found this little alligator costume that'll have to do. Don't look ADORABLE in it!
You've been getting very good at propped sitting and rolling over. Your neck/head has also started to straighten out. All the tummy time is definitely helping!

Just today, on your 1/2 birthday, a physical therapist from Early Intervention came in to meet you and show us stretches to do on you. She thinks you're going to be juuuuust fine!
You also started some food this past week!! Pumpkin straight from the can was not a hit. You made a yucky face and then I tried it and made a yucky face. That stuff is bitter. HAHA  Bananas and mama's milk weren't a huge hit either. I'm shocked. You when I eat - I thought for sure you would eat anything and everything! We'll keep trying! Daddy picked out some good things for you to try this week. He's kinda obsessed with you trying peas. hahaha
Oh Keaton being your Mommy has made me the happiest I've ever been. God has certainly blessed me beyond belief with your little life and I thank him all the time for you! I hate how you cry when you're around strangers, but secretly love that you miss me and want me. hehe

I've said this before, but I pray continuously for God to grow in your heart. He is the only thing you will ever need. 

Fun Facts: 6 Months
*Weighs: 18 lbs
*Length: 26.5" 
*Sleeps 13 hours straight through the night {6:30pm -7:30am}
*Wears size 2 diapers
*Wears 9 month pajamas & 9 month clothes
*Nurses 6x a day every 2-2.5hrs {about 8oz a feed)
*Starting to sit up more on his own
*LOVES bath time & being naked
*Enjoys when people sing and dance 
*Not spitting up as much!!!
*Likes to bounce in his jumperoo
*Favorite Song: {still} Wheels on the Bus
*Showing a lot more stranger anxiety
*Looks for Mom when she goes out of sight
*Officially a stomach sleeper
*Tried bananas and pumpkin for the first time - not a fan.
*Went in the church nursery and MOPS nursery...did OK :)

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