Wednesday, September 10, 2014

rolling over!

We've hit some pretty big milestones over here :)

At 11 weeks, Keaton officially rolled from his belly to his back! 

We were on vacation at the beach and thought it might be a fluke. He did it a few times on the ottoman, but hadn't mastered the floor quite yet. 

The next week {12 weeks} he really started getting the hang of it....

Just a few days ago, I put him on his back, on his play mat and stepped out of the room for a minute. When I came back he was on his belly....little stinker rolled over when I wasn't looking! It actually took me a minute {or 5} to realize what he did. haha! 

I finally caught him in the act later that day!

He rolled from his back to his belly at 19 weeks {4.5 months}!

I'm finally loading some short videos onto YouTube! I have SO many on my phone and am trying to pick my favorites, although I love them all so much and want to share them all! Writing this short post took about 45 minutes because I just kept clicking on one more to watch. I'm SO grateful to have these at my fingertips all the time :)

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