Monday, June 2, 2014

phinley and keaton

If you don't remember...

Before there was baby Keaton, there was baby Phinley 0:-)
He and I were a pair. 

We did everything together, especially near the end of my pregnancy! When were weren't going for ridiculously long walks together, we were sitting and watching TV together. Or eating together. He and I both liked eating the most :)

He had me home almost all day everyday and was loving it.
 Enter new baby.

Naturally, I was a little concerned about how this would rock his world and how he would react.

The short of it is - he's doing awesome! 

I had all these awesome plans to train him with specific baby commands before Keaton was born, but that just didn't happen. Haha! Go figure! My new plan was to stay positive and just jump in head first. We were a new family of 4 and everyone was going to have to get along or someone would be kicked out....and it wasn't going to be one of the 3 humans. HA!

Those first few days I didn't know what to expect. Phinley was beside himself with just the fact that we had so many guests, let alone a baby that was here to STAY!

He was mostly super curious! Every sound, movement, etc that Keaton made Phin was all over it! There were a few times we all jumped at his curiosity and poor Phin got a good ol' "bad dog!!" but after a few days and lots of sniffing we all calmed down :) 
Mostly he just wanted to be apart of things and get to love on Keaton the way we were all doing.

OR...just not be completely forgotten. 
 These three.... 
I love them.
The first 2 weeks we all were learning how to live together, but once my parents left and Ryan went back to work, Phinley, Keaton, and I got into our own groove and lucky for was pretty much the same as before!!

We still went for walks...
watched TV... 
 but now Phinley had me AND a new little best friend to do it all with!
Sure, he goes on little trash can rampages when I'm nursing Keaton and can't get up or do anything about it, but that's just simple clean up and really not that bad...he knocks them over for the sound effect I think and that's about it :-P

Ryan assured me early on that these 2 would be best buddies and have a lot of fun together - I think he's right.
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