Saturday, May 17, 2014

the splash zone

Can you believe this little cutie pie spits up all.the.time.
I've done more laundry in the last 3 weeks than I have probably my whole life.

Okay. That's an exaggeration. But still :0P

Honestly, having a spitter upper wasn't something that ever crossed my mind. I have NO idea why I didn't think about it when I was pregnant. My sister's kiddos didn't spit up, so I figured Keaton wouldn't either - ummm....wrong! ha! 

Any tips out there on how to get it under control??

We think the spit up and {more recently lots of gas} might have something to do with my breast milk supply....I make lots and lots. Even when I express a little he sometimes chokes on the flow -- poor buddy!! We're just all learning here! He's gaining weight like a champ and sleeping pretty well so I hate to change things up too much, but if life could be better for him I want to do what I can to make that happen. 

The other night Ryan and I were in bed and Ryan pointed Keaton right at me {I was laying down} and started to burp him - that's where I coined the phrase "splash zone"....I didn't want to get hit! HAHA!

But don't worry - if you ever hold Keaton, we have plenty of cloth diapers and hand towels on hand. I buy more each time I go to Target :)

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Danielle said...

Probably just reflux! Zantac should have him good as new and it's temporary :)

Andrea said...

I had an oversupply and Lena had some issues because of it. She was a spitter and would usually choke/sputter when I had letdown because it just was too much. I ended up doing "block feeding" and that cut down my supply enough that it helped a lot of our issues. She still spit up but it was not anything like when I had the oversupply.

I don't know about reflux but that is a possibility, especially if he seems to feel uncomfortable. I'd ask the pediatrician what they think and may a lactation consultant too.

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