Tuesday, March 25, 2014

{36 weeks}

If you're thinking "wow her belly is huge" you're right! And no, I have no idea what's going on with the hand on hip....just "workin' it!" I guess ;0) hahaha
 How Far Along: 36 weeks

Size of Baby: Romaine Lettuce or Honeydew {almost 6lbs & over 18.5" long }

Exercise: 4x {I think} I've been losing track. Days I don't go to the gym I do a lot around the house and run errands, just trying to stay extra busy.

Maternity Clothes: Yes 

Gender: little man

Movement: He gets the hiccups pretty much every day -- I die each time. Cutest.thing.ever.

Sleep: Sunday night I was given a dose of "this is what it's like to have a newborn" sleep. Slept for an hour, up for 2, slept for 30mins, up for 3, slept for 30mins, up for 1, etc.

What I miss: Here's what I DON'T miss....the back/butt pain I had a week ago for 2 weeks. It's amazing how much better I feel. Little guy was definitely sitting on my sciatic nerve {or something} and making my butt, back, and leg SO sore all the time. One morning I woke up and a lot of the pain was gone, just like that! My back still gets sore by the end of the day if I do too much, but I'm not limping around nearly as much! Yay!

Cravings: Hmmm...getting more hungry all the time and full so quickly. I was really craving chocolate chip mint ice cream yesterday, so I switched our grocery shopping day from Tuesday --> Monday. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. 

Best Moment of the Week: Hearing his heartbeat & getting a good report from Dr.! Blood pressure remains really good :) 

Little Man is losing most of the fuzzy hair that is covering his body while in the amniotic fluid. He's also getting very close to being able to breath on his own! His liver and kidneys are in working order, as well as, his circulation and immune systems. It won't be long now before we're counting fingers and toes!

I have been feeling excellent! I thought maybe I was getting a nesting surge, but really I've been nesting for like the last 3 months ;0) I've been trying not to overdue it and just look past all the dust on our baseboards. Except now I can't stop thinking about it....gahhh.  My thoughts about going into labor early are slowing starting to shift to going late and that's okay! If I feel this good for the next 4 weeks and they go as quickly as the last 36, all I need to do is take a nap and he'll be in my arms....or in college. My word I can't wait to see his face. My heart will explode! :) :) 

The nursery monogram came in the mail yesterday and just needs Daddy-to-be to paint it and get it hung {I don't do well with spray paint - can you say drips??} I plan to take a bunch of pictures and have a nursery post ready to go after he is born and the name is known! Ryan thinks his name is on "everything" and I can hardly disagree....I've been going a little crazy recently. HAHA I like his name - SO WHAT?!? 

See you soon little dude! 

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