Wednesday, February 12, 2014

surprise baby shower in NJ!!

Warning: lots of pictures! :)

This past Sunday, we were blessed with a sweet surprise baby shower in Southern Jersey {Ryan's hometown} for Little Man. 

Ryan knew about the party, but I didn't! I thought we were going to an engagement party for his sister and future BIL, Shannon & Ted. At first, Ryan told me it was a bridal shower for Shannon and I just couldn't believe that because she's getting married in August and doesn't even have a registry yet! The story changed a few days later to engagement party and Ryan confessed that he got confused and knew it had something to do with the wedding...this was totally believable and something he would do! ha! 

Our invitation arrived 2 days later, so I got a little gift and planned to bring cupcakes.

Before I continue, can I just say one thing...Kasie {my SIL} and her family know how to throw a party! They can completely transform any space {in this case Kasie's house} to match and coordinate with the party theme. I was SO impressed with all the little details! I have a lot of pictures, but it really doesn't do it justice.  

AND THEN....she sent most of the decorations home with me! 

Let's take a little look around....

Food table - Lynn {my mother in law} was in charge of the food. Ryan and I picked up the fruit and veggie tray on our way to the party....just a little decoy. haha!

And can that wooden sign be any more perfect?!
I loved this tie garland! The colors were perfect!
The "special" chair :-) 
Kasie made this rag quilt for her nephew, Brady, which went perfectly with the colors. Can't wait to see Little Man's rag quilt {hehe} ;0)
There were a few little stations set up around the house for guests to write down wisdom and well wishes for Ryan & I and Baby Harris. 
The bits of wisdom were put into the DREAM photo album and the wishes will find a very special place and be kept forever. I started to read them, but then started to cry {go figure!} and decided to wait and save them for reading on a special afternoon :)
Before I arrived, the party had clearly already started....

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves ;0)
Kasie and Sarah, I mustache you..."how do you keep your skin looking soooo good??"
Nice look Shannon! Can we expect this stache to show up on your big day?? :0P 
And the real Little Men of the afternoon -- not to crazy about the pink mustaches...{Brady looks SO concerned! Poor Landon :( haha}
That's better!
And 5 minutes after 2pm Ryan completed his mission and we showed up!

Peering through the window....

Surprise!! It took a minute for me to realize they were there for ME and not Shannon {although I would have loved to celebrate Shannon & Ted...can't wait til August!!}
And because I thought it was all for her, she got an extra big hug!
Everyone else got hugs too and the baby got some good luck rubs :) 
Pretty sure I'm talking about how he moves around like "this" in my belly....
A few snacks, more chatting, and it was gift time!! I wish I could show a picture of every single thing we got! I loved it all! Everyone was so generous!!
Even Marissa managed to sneak a gift in....all the way from New York!
Shannon made these favors and they were amazing! That's a toothbrush in there - so practical!

After Lynn prayed for the food and our afternoon, I escaped to the kitchen to cry on Ryan's shoulder. I just get so touched by the love and generosity. I often think that everyone's prayers, thoughts, and well wishes during our time of trying was the biggest and best gift they could have given. To have a party on top of it all is just too much!

We're so blessed! 

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