Friday, December 27, 2013

happy birthday ryan!

Happy Birthday to my Handsome Hubby!

Ryan turns 30 today! 

Gabby, Harmony, & Olympia think that's swell!!

It's really so hard to believe! 

I think with each year we've been together {through dating and marriage} I've seen him get more handsome with age and more focused on what is really important and key to living - having a personal relationship with God.

I've said this before, but I couldn't want anything more for myself and our family than a leader who is dedicated to God and strives to become a better husband and person every day. I feel honored and blessed that God chose me to be Ryan's partner for life.

Since it is his 30th birthday....I thought I'd go ahead and make a lil' list of 30 facts, memories, & qualities about Ryan. Let's start with a well known:

1. He knows how to relax. 

2. He loves Phinley {even though he'll only admit to loving him "as a dog" haha!}

3. He'll unload the dishwasher in the morning without me having to ask him.
4. Ryan is the smartest person I know and sensible too.
5. Extremely self-disciplined and doesn't give up.
6. Can win any game we play together...he always beats me! hehe
7. Has a very long bedtime routine {seems long to me anyways!}
8. Doesn't do anything half-way - always the last one working or getting a job done.
9. Is basically a professional handy man {installed a new bathroom, exterior door, tile...the list goes on!}
10. Could care less what people think about him, especially what he's wearing!
11. Has a soft heart & strong muscles.
12. Doesn't sweat the small stuff
13. HATES snakes
14. Loves the beach...even though he burns quickly 0:-)
15. Prays with me before bed each night
16. Puts "Erin & Ryan's devotional" on our calendar with reminders that pop up once a week
17. Will help me with pretty much anything around the house!
18. Never complains about his work schedule - 12hr shifts are not easy.
19. Lets Phinley snuggle with him on the sofa {see #2} :)
20. My best friend.
21. Very quiet
22. He knows what's important and worth discussing...some silly things that people talk about and get all upset about are ridiculous and he knows it. Why waste the time stressing and arguing? Love that logic.
23. Will break into any song I'm singing and sing 2x louder.
24. Is sensitive and gentle with me when I cry...both because of pregnancy and non-pregnancy related things. We all have our days and he doesn't make me every feel stupid, silly, or ridiculous because of it. 
25. Loves getting a good deal!!
26. Very generous and willing to anyone. 
27. Hates getting his hair cut.
28. Does not like getting stuck in traffic {who does?!}
29. Pushes me, by being a good man, to be a good woman. 
30. Reads his bible

Happy Birthday Babe! You are well loved and admired by many!

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