Saturday, November 2, 2013

some baby things

I was shopping super sales at the Gap Outlet this morning and picked up this little onesie JUST IN CASE we have a girl! 

And before you judge - it was only a couple of dollars and I haven't bought one.single.item. for our baby yet {except the whole nursery, but that doesn't count because we got that during our adoption days!! HA!}.  

If we have a boy, this will just be a little gifty for someone :0) 
And fine, if you must know, YES, I did cry when I was looking through the baby things with our sweet one in mind. I've been crying all.the.time. recently. If I see a fly get squashed I tear up. Boston celebrating their world series win...get me a tissue. A heartfelt commercial? I'm done for. It's ridiculous and hilarious all at the same time. If you say "hey Erin" and I tear up because you were kind enough to say hi to me, just ignore it. OR if I cry because you didn't say hi to me, just ignore it. 

Ryan is LOVING this phase - bahahaha!!

I also recently bought a BeBand and my first maternity shirt - although I haven't worn either yet. I'm hoping the band comes in handy these next few weeks as my pants are getting a little snug. 

The shirt is just basic white. I always have a hard time finding white long sleeve shirts when I need them...especially to go under I just went ahead and got it while they were in stock! I had a coupon too :) 

I cannot wait to find out boy or girl! I will probably go a little crazy at first {like every new mommy} with the shopping and then tone it down. At lease I hope so!

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