Tuesday, November 5, 2013

{16 weeks}

How Far Along: 16wks
Size of Baby: Avocado - the best guacamole I've ever had was in Mexico...just sayin' {also, I found a website that compared my baby's size to a rubber ducky. BAHAHA! So weird.} 
Exercise: 5x
Maternity Clothes: Not yet - I'm wearing things in my closet that I know will not fit soon...just to squeeze a wear in one last time! 
Gender: ?? 
Movement: Not yet
Sleep: Pretty awesome :)
What I miss: I don't think this has to due with pregnancy, but my left eye keeps twitching! I miss my normal eye. Ha!
Cravings: Cheese 
Aversions: Nothing really
Best Moment: Ryan had a surprise night off on Sunday!

So far, so good! I feel great and not much different. I'm definitely not as tired anymore and don't need to go to bed at 8:30 {although I might do this because I can ;0) }. I also don't feel as tired when I run! Is it just me or am I showing really early? When I look at the pictures it just seems like a big bump to me...maybe every pregnant woman feels this way. I don't feel big or anything, just like my bump is hanging out there already! I have a ways to go - can't wait for the actual one to bump out!

Baby Harris can hear my voice! He/she is also growing hair - eyebrows and eyelashes! How sweet! 

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Mr. First Grade said...

SO thrilled for you!!


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