Thursday, August 1, 2013

hawaii: bacon dinner

Like I've mentioned before, we didn't really plan a lot for this vacation, so when dinner rolled around the 2nd night we decided to just go to the restaurant in our hotel. It was really nice, overlooked the ocean, and happened to be half off dinners that night. :) I'm a big cheapo when it comes to eating out, so I was pretty excited to "splurge" a little and not have to pay for it!

I decided to get the BBQ ribs - ohmybbqsauce YUM! They were so GOOD! 
 Ryan got a very fancy kind of pork belly {aka bacon}. hahahaha!
They brought his plate out and we just kind of looked at one another, then started laughing! Neither of us had any idea pork belly = bacon. It makes sense now, but I had no idea.
Probably the first time ever Ryan was eating off my plate :) 

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