Sunday, July 28, 2013

hawaii: sunset luau

The first night we were in Hawaii we went to a sunset luau and it was AMAZING! Seriously one of my favorite memories from our trip. 

And yes, I cried. 

I never thought I'd get to experience a luau and I did...from the front row!!

The evening was perfect {not to cold or warm} and the sunset was gorgeous. 

Earlier in the day, Ryan and I got to watch 2 guys bury our pig dinner in the ground to roast -- 9 or so hours later these guys were digging him back up :) 

I love how the roasted pig has paparazzi {check out all those people in the background taking pictures! ha!}
It was sooo good!  

Ryan splurged and got us tickets for a table in the front row :) Our seats are right where we're standing! We also got a real flower lei - lucky for me it matched! 

Feeling blessed :) 
The dancers were just amazing. I honestly don't know how they swing their hips so fast!! I tried when I got back to the hotel room and it was ridiculous...I could barely sway compared to them!

I'm in love with those coconut bras.

They changed their outfits after every dance and I loved them all! Nothing says "Hawaii" like a grass skirt!

This guy ran out and flipped his spear around a lot....then made crazy faces at the crowd! haha

My absolute favorite was the fire dancer at the end!

Yes, he twirled this with his feet!!

I've never seen anything like it and I'm pretty sure I never will!

Next up....Black Sand Beach!! 

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Danielle said...

Looks like a blast! :) I laughed at the "I tried it when I got back to our room." LOL :)

Andrea said...

What an amazing way to start your vacation! I LOVE the pictures!

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