Monday, May 27, 2013


We're having a fun weekend! 

Phinley's friend Jack is visiting for the weekend. They have a good time together, although Phinley has a hard time just letting him alone. He's a huge initiator. Jack will be just hanging out and Phinley will walk by and paw him on the back like - hey! you! 

After some serious walks on Saturday and lots of playing they finally calmed down :) Naps before church!

My sister and her family came for an unplanned visit Saturday night! Ryan was working so it was really great to have some company!

Owen really wanted to go to a Senator's game, so we went! It was cold, but so much fun! 

How cool is he in those shades?!? 

Chris, Owen, Jennifer {sister's family!}
Thanks for coming!

Today, Ryan and I are having our own little BBQ! 

Thank you to all who serve - so thankful to live in this country!

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