Wednesday, February 20, 2013

thank-you & bachelor

We feel blessed to have so much support throughout the last year or so -- thank you!

I cannot tell you how much it means to me!

It's just one of those things that's easy not to talk about and then you end up feeling completely alone. 

We're so blessed! 

In other news...

When Ryan's working at night, Phinley chooses to sit next to me on the sofa :) He loves Ryan, but I'm a close 2nd. 

Do you watch the Bachelor???

Ryan started watching the show with me last night {DVR'd it} and picked Lindsey. He thinks he knows...hahaha! 

I really like Sean a lot and think he has good values and morals BUT he's still dating several girls at one time and that's just not right. Does watching the show mean I still support it?? I think so -- ouch. 

If you watch check out these blogs for some pretty hilarious recaps:
                                           Mix and Match Family --> this is his sister's blog!! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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