Tuesday, January 29, 2013

painted master bedroom

Our poor master bedroom has been last on our "to do" list since we moved.

It seems like every other room and project has taken priority....until this weekend! 

We had a little extra time, so I had the amazing idea to get our room painted! I hate to paint and Ryan has a million other projects, so it takes a lot to get us motivated to paint a room. 

If we can make it through choosing a color together, we're generally good to go. 

So here we goooo...

Let me start off by saying that Phinley was no help at.all. 

This is what he did the entire time. 

So lazy....and cute :) 

The bedroom in our townhouse was the most beautiful, soft yellow. Very warm and comforting. I'm still not sure how we lucked upon it. Of course, we couldn't remember the color name! Don't you just hate that! Ryan thought about stopping by our old house to ask the current owner for the can, but I just wasn't sure that was the best idea ;0) 

We tried our hardest to get the same yellow and we're close....

The first coat is Behr Pale Sunshine {left} and the 2nd coat is Behr Honey Tone {right}

Here is Pale Sunshine the night we painted it. The lighting is horrid -- sorry! We couldn't see to paint either! ha!

Pale Sunshine was just to....pale. I wanted something with a little richer color and it ended up getting brighter! I now call our room the yellow crayon box {?? don't ask} -- it's a far cry from the "perfect" shade we once knew, but Ryan likes it and that's what matters to me!! 

He did do the ceiling trim....

And all the taping. I'm not allowed to tape, apparently I'm not very good at it. 
Yay! Woohoo! Go ME! Oh darn. 

I have been buying a few things to hang on the walls, they still aren't up :) Ryan put up what we did have.

Finished product :) 

If you think that we forgot to paint half of the wall behind our bed, you're wrong :) That was completely planned! We have molding buried deep in our garage that needs painted and hung. See below for what we're aiming for...

THIS {courtesy of Pinterest}

                                                  Board and batten up most of wall (Master).

Or THIS {courtesy of Pinterest}

                                               6th Street Design School: Master Bedroom. wall color, board & batten, duvet. Love it ALL!!!!

So that's the plan :)

I'm so excited that we were able to get our room painted! Finally!! It's so much cozier than the cold, white, builder grade paint! 

To celebrate it's completion we went to see The Hobbit! It was a "Ryan Pick Everything" date :) He deserved it!!


Kelsey Winter said...

I really like the color and I especially LOVE the idea of the molding behind the bed. That is going to look awesome!

Meredith said...


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