Sunday, September 23, 2012


It's Sunday night already? I can't believe this weekend is almost over :(

This week has been surprisingly really good. Nothing especially good happened, I just feel good. Like little things that would usually bother me aren't that big of a deal -- if that makes sense. And I got a lot of unexpected things done, like...

Thursday morning I got a dentist appointment very last minute. I've had sore teeth and missed my last appontment so it was really good to get things checked out.

And I bought a new mint chocolate chip shade of nail polish and love it!

Also,made a return that was hanging over my head :)

It's all those little things that just went right. Most of my weekend was spent out of the house.

My favorite part by far was trying out my new embroidery machine! It was a surprise gift from Ryan and I love it! My sister has one just like it and has been giving me advice pretty much the whole weekend! Not sure what I would have done without her!

Here's one thing I made! Because everyone likes a towel with their initials on it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend

1 comment:

lharris said...

wow, this is nice. I never heard of an embroidery machine!!

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