Tuesday, September 18, 2012

quick update and chiropractic care

For those of you who haven't read about our journey -- you can find it here :)

As a brief update: clomid dosage got increased once more, due to no ovulation last month. I felt defeated at the end of last month, but it's a new month which brings new hope. I was getting a little tired of saying "maybe this is the month," so I've just given that phrase up and will let each week go by as it does and continue with the flow of life.  

Ryan and I thought it might be good to try some alternative forms of treatment in combination with Clomid. Now before it even crosses your mind -- I already checked with my Dr. about it! I also asked her about my running and she said it was fine. I had been cutting back a little bit, but didn't want to unless she thought it was a good idea. I'm not a crazy hard-core runner, however, I feel like I need to cover all my bases and ask lots of questions!

Last night, I thought I had an appointment with a chiropractor, but I got the days mixed up! Oops :0P Looks like I'll be checking that out on....Friday. I've read several articles online about the success of chiropractic care in combination with other fertility treatments -- only nothing truly scientific. I don't think it will hurt to try!

We'll see how Friday goes!  

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