Sunday, September 30, 2012

his and hers

The other day I was looking for some Orajel for one of my aching teeth {I have 3 at the moment -- no, I'm not kidding}, so I ventured into Ryan's bathroom drawer to search for some.

I knew I didn't have any, but he keeps all kinds of stuff in "his" space, so I thought it was worth a shot. 

When I first opened it I just stared because, holy crap how does he find anything? And because mine is organized so....differently

See for yourself. 


 His public areas {on top of his dresser and nightstand} used to be this way, but with a joint effort we've made great strides! If I keep up with throwing the trash in the trash can and he puts all the pens that come home in his pockets in the pencil cup {that stays on his dresser!} it usually looks pretty good. 



See the difference :) 

1 comment:

lharris said...

Oh my, his looks like mine! It's not his fault- he was raised in a crazy busy home of 6 with a mom who hates housework!! YOu are doing such a good job of getting him into much better shape.

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