Monday, July 23, 2012

fun weekend

I hated to see this weekend come to an end -- I had such a great couple of days! 

On Friday night I suggested that Ryan get a project for Saturday afternoon, since I'd be away shopping at Ikea and he'd be bored out of his mind :0) I was thrilled when he was game for installing a new vanity w/sink in our laundry room. 

So we headed to his favorite, Home Depot, to get the cheapest vanity we could find {it is only for the laundry room!}, then to Pizza Grille for dinner, and then Bamboo Frozen Yogurt

We love frozen yogurt and are thrilled that are area is finally getting them!! We feel so behind!

So back to the sink....

We initially had a large laundry sink in here, but it just seemed so big and was getting piled full of stuff. I thought a small sink will work best for now!

It took him no time at all and looks amazing! Storage underneath too :0) 

While Plumber Ryan was busy at work, I was busy buying some new things for our house at Ikea. I love that store! I've already picked out our {future} baby furniture set! I ended up getting some wall shelves for the office, food storage containers, and this awesome rail system for the kitchen. 

I wanted to get it last time I was there, but wasn't sure it would work. I'm so glad I decided to go for it, because I think it's looks great! I have napkins on the left and Keurig cups and butter dish on the right. It's nice that I can wipe the counter without having to move a whole bunch of stuff!  

So glad my friend Heather had a return to make :0D 

Sunday afternoon we celebrated our Pastor's son's high school graduation with good food and fellowship, then all headed to our church's championship softball game. 

They lost in the 3rd game, extra inning, by 1 run. I'm so proud of them though! This is their 7th straight year in the championship game! 

I got to hold this little cutie pie most of the time :) 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Love summertime fun!


Daniel Stutzman said...

Jonah is making a great face in that picture!

Erin and Ryan said...

I know! It cracks me up every time!

Shannon said...

I love that rail system in your kitchen!! I wish I didn't have a backsplash so I could use something like that. :) I'm sure I could come up with another place to use it....

The sink looks great!

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