Saturday, June 2, 2012

still here....

Let's talk for a minute about how boring I am right now. 

Seriously. I'm yawning just thinking about myself.

I'm not complaining, it just leaves little material for the good ol' blog.

Recently, I've been busy with just about 2 things:

1) Preparing for the end of the school year....3 and 1/2 days!! I work in the computer lab at an elementary school.  I have the best job ever. The kids love to come to computer and I love to spend 45mins with them, say good-bye, and then welcome in the next bunch :0D 

I've been getting a lot ready for next year! We have this great projector I use {so all the kiddos can see what to do without looking on a tiny screen} and I made a computer "screen" for around it.

Does it look like a really big computer? haha! Even though I have to take it down next week I just had to try it out -- the kids loved it! 

2) Picking yet more paint colors. I think we have a sample total of around 25 in our garage. I don't know how I ever painted anything without getting a sample first...colors never look the same once they are on the wall!! Never. Ever.

I opted to go with Martha Stewart - Nimbus Cloud {bottom left} for the spare bedrooms. Gray seems neutral enough to me, without being beige. We'll see how it goes....lots of painting in my future.

Gag! :0p

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