Sunday, April 1, 2012

part nuclear operator, part gardner

Ryan does it all!

This weekend Home Depot had a sale on garden plants, which meant only one thing to Ryan....GARDEN!  
Ha! He kills me!

So off to HD we trekked....

Armed with gardening supplies and a free afternoon he put together this little beauty -- he was SO proud. I loved it!

Showing off his work.....

The fence was actually my idea -- I didn't want cute bunnies and deer having their dessert at Ryan's our expense and hard work! hehe 

We have romaine lettuce, peppermint, and strawberries! 

The plan is to expand it to the end of the house once it's warmer and add basil, spearmint, and tomatoes!

We'll see what our harvest holds in a few weeks! I might be jumping the gun a little but, salad anyone??

1 comment:

Darren and Kasie said...

You know Darren contemplated us doing the same exact thing when he saw the sale!ha! He decided just to get the bags and bags of mulch on sale for now though :)

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