Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

I spent Easter break up and down the mini-coast of Northern VA and PA.

Started off traveling south to visit my sister, Emily, and cutest little nephew, Asher.

Asher is becoming so vocal and it's a hoot to listen to! I swear kids cuteness multiplies 10 fold when they start talking. I'm sure I'll have a different view once I have my own kids and they repeat everything I say! ha!

We just hung out, went to Chick-Fil-A, scored some things at Home Goods, and visited! Lots going on with her family....so there was lots to talk about :-) It was a quick trip down and back, but well worth it!

Saturday was a whirlwind. After a long run in the morning, Ryan and I tackled the garage and other house chores. We did a little shopping, but by 4pm I was SO tired! I ended up just shuffling around behind him -- that's a first! I'm usually the aggressive shopper!

Sunday morning we went to a lovely Easter service at church and then off on another mini-road trip to visit my oldest sister's family and parents in Williamsport. She had a little egg hunt for my nephew {Owen} and then Easter dinner :)

I wrapped things up with a big grocery store run, organizing the pantry, prepping some meals for the week, unpacking, doing a 100 other little things, and hosting small group! It was busy! I had a great time though!

Initially, I had planned to stick around over break and paint our upstairs hallway, but I hate painting and Ryan was to busy studying to help so I set up other plans and I am SO glad I did! What a long weekend of great Easter memories {and NO pictures...blah!}.

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