Sunday, January 29, 2012

pinterest and home decor

I saw this idea on pinterest the other night and just had to try it!! 

It's so simple -- a curtain rod with a wreath hanging in middle....really? That easy? Yes.!

I found this rod at wal-mart for $15!
 I still need some items for either side, I just threw some stuff up there for the picture :)

 I also found a picture for our dining room! I thought it was a lost cause.....I had absolutely no idea what to do on this one wall! Every picture I found was either just slightly the wrong color OR super pricy.

Big art = big price.

Ryan and I were shopping at Ollie's (of all places!!) and I found this! The color is perfect :)  A little blue to match the wall with some reds and oranges which we have around the house.


Emily said...

I love both! What did we do before Pinterest? Seriously. All of my favorite ideas and recipes come from there now!

We need an Ollie's around here. Do they have tablecloths? I've been looking everywhere, but refuse to pay much. I think that might be whats holding me back. Ha ha.

Erin and Ryan said...

I'm sure that Ollie's has tablecloths -- they have everything! "Good Stuff Cheap!" That's there slogan :0)

I just realized how tilted that last picture is!'s hard to look at! Oh well :0)

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