Sunday, January 1, 2012

christmas in nc

We're back!

What a fun and busy holiday for us :0) We went from NC --> NJ --> Home --> Lancaster --> Home! 

Christmas is always peek memory making season, but for now I'm going to be short on words and lengthy with pictures...that's all anyone really cares about anyways!  

8 adults + 1 child = a lot of presents! 

It was so special to have a little one around for Christmas morning this year.

They bring back all the excitement and wonder that's sometimes lost among adults....

And they know how to play with their toys right.away! Each gift is like THE BEST!

Emily takes cues from the best {see above} -- trying on her new necklace :0)

Ryan is completely outfitted with a new garage full of tools...this ping pong set was just about the only thing NOT tool related!

That and 2lbs of Sunkist Fruit Gems :0)

Mom's snuggi was a big hit. Asher loved her new "wild" side!

We had such a fun morning....

 The absolute best part was getting dressed up and going to church!

I think that we should have church service every Christmas morning -- worshiping our King just seems like an obvious must on His birthday! We wouldn't even have Christmas if it wasn't for Him!

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