Monday, December 5, 2011

surprise sprinkle

Friday night we celebrated the upcoming arrival of Baby Micah!

There are a lot of new babies arriving this winter at our church and Micah is scheduled to make his appearance first!

Micah is Jess' 2nd child, so we decided to lightened things up and throw a sprinkle {opposed to a full blown shower} for her! She was so surprised :0)

"Sprinkled with Love" sign

Beverage area

We wrote special notes to Jess and Evan on diapers -- a little surprise for those midnight changes :0)

Guess how many sour patch kids?! This was something fun guests could do anytime throughout the night. Anita won with a guess of 184 -- the actual number is 185!!

A woman from small group made this great diaper cake! We had 2 cakes, the other was used on the food table!

We had lots of goodies!

Micah's lollipop tree {loved this idea from pinterest}!

It was a lovely night to celebrate Jess & Micah and hang out with the girls...

These 2 little girls were so well behaved and just hung out with all the grown ups throughout the night.

Hehe...too cute!

I had such a fun time planning and hosting! We all can't wait to meet Baby Clay #2 in January!!

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