Thursday, June 2, 2011


We settle on our new house tomorrow and move that evening and Saturday.

I'm a little sad.

It's absolutely RIDICULOUS, but our townhouse is where we started off as a married couple, bought furniture together, returned from our first fun vacations together, had our first Christmas together, brought Phinley home from the farm to...etc etc.

You know how it goes. Excited about the new, but still a little sad about all the changes. I hope that makes sense! I know, we'll make many memories in our new place.

Can you

How do people do this over and over again?? I admire you.

Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and support -- it means so much to us!


Anonymous said...

When do we get the video tour? Hope you guys have fun moving...

Kelsey said...

I know how hard it can be to leave a home that you've obviously outgrown but has been the center of so many wonderful memories. It's bittersweet and I definitely cried when we left our starter house back in April. However, you'll quickly come to love your new home (and all the space!!) and create new memories there. It's tough, but taking you in the right direction. Hope settlement goes well tomorrow and good luck with your big move!

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