Monday, May 2, 2011

make our house monday: week 7

Welcome to Make Our House Monday: Week 7

This week not too much more has happened. Soon the process will really look like it's slowing down, but really it's just not big obvious stuff {like the walls to the house or roof :0)}.

Here's the new front. Notice the front door? We have a door!

And from the inside. Love those side lites -- much more light!

Me on the front porch -- woods go on for a bit on that side :0D

Garage now has a cement floor. This is the extra storage space, aka Ryan's shed.

Step and door into mudroom. It's the little things, like a step, we get excited about these days!

I'm excited about the sink being right where I'm standing.

Laundry room has plumbing :0)

Ryan showing me how he's going to remove some of the excess brush and expand our yard.

View from the fourth bedroom. Best view in the whole house!

View out the 3rd bedroom.

It's coming along. Next week is siding, stone, and drywall!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Your house looks amazing! It's exciting to see it coming together so quickly!!

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