Tuesday, February 15, 2011

house hunters

Ever watched this show?

It's hard to miss, considering it's on TV every.single.time. I turn it to HGTV.

Ryan and I are kind of on our own House Hunters extravaganza. Wish we could be on the show, but our budget probably isn't big enough and there aren't enough contending homes in this area that we're considering.

I wish we had 3. We have 1.

I never really understood the house hunting process until I started it for myself. Ryan is so busy with working through his training {in class 10hrs a day and studying an extra 15 or so hours a week on week nights and weekends} that he doesn't really have time to search the internet and drive by houses like I do. So I took over.

It wasn't something that we really intended to start -- it just kind of happened, which makes the process even harder. I'd like to move before we have kids, so we're settled, but we definitely don't have to.

Nothing like trying to find the perfect house when you live in a perfectly good one! We just know that this space will start to feel cramped once we get a cute little one in our world and they start to take over!!

So anyways....back to the hunting.

We're looking for perfection, and guess what, it's hard to find!

We're so blessed to be able to look at all, but my expectations starting out in the process were way to high. I think as a new time house hunter and home buyer that's to be expected.

Ryan and I are willing to compromise, but not too much at this point. We've seen homes that I love and he doesn't, or he loves and I don't. Until we find something we both love...it's a no. Our situation might be considered ideal for some people, since we don't have to go anywhere -- just take our time. However, after you've gone through a few houses, it's hard to be patient!

We actually put a bid into a house about a week ago and it was rejected because someone else bid $20,000 over the asking price. Actually, over the highest bid....there were several.

Crazy, right?

We are so thankful that God saved us from that house though. We're really entrusting this whole process to Him and prayed that if His will was not for us to get the house, our offer would be declined. Guess He has something better {or at the very least different} planned for us!!

Like the house we looked at this weekend maybe???

It has everything we're looking for, plus a little more in the form of an in-ground pool and pool house.

We'll keep you posted :0)

I wasn't sure how much I wanted to share about our journey to finding a new home, but we need prayer for discernment and hearing God's will for our lives.

Thanks for listening and sticking with this post...if you made it to the end!! We're so thankful to have friends and family who are interested in our lives!

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Emily said...

You'll find the perfect place eventually! When you do find it you'll be so glad that these others ones passed by. :o)

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