Monday, February 7, 2011

girls' weekend!

The beds were made.

The air mattress blown.

And the Girls' Weekend welcome gifts put together and ready to go for a fun weekend of just the sisters and Mom!

We spent Friday in Lancaster at all the best craft stores and Saturday in Hershey at all the best outlets.

Do you see the main theme of the weekend? Shopping.

The Evidence.

I {amazingly} didn't really buy too much, but everyone else found some stellar deals for their sweet little boys! The Dads all stepped up this weekend to give the hard working Moms a much needed break!

We celebrated Jenn's birthday a few weeks early with an ice cream cake :0)

And celebrated being together without distractions :0D

Phinley isn't a girl {he's really a nothing...sorry buddy}, but he was a good listener and cuddler. He can hang with the girlies anytime!

I had an awesome time and was so blessed to have everyone make the trip to spend time together!

Friends can come and go, but family lasts forever....thank goodness!


Emily said...

So fun!! Thanks for having us over!

Kelsey said...

Sounds like a great family weekend!

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