Thursday, November 18, 2010

thankful: making a real dinner

Nov 18: Making myself a real dinner.

I'm thankful that last night I made myself a real dinner!

Ryan works with the youth group at church on Wednesday night and recently they've been having dinner together, so I've been on my own to fed for myself.

When it's Ryan and I, I always making something {meat, veggie, starch} for us to eat together. It's so hard for me to make an entire meal for just myself!

I always eat plenty, it's just random stuff that doesn't really go together and often doesn't feel to satisfying. Yesterday I decided to take the whole whopping 20mins to get an entire meal cooked.

I opted for an elementary school throwback -- chicken patty sandwich with tater tots :0)
Mine was a little revised with a veggie chicken patty, but the tater tots were the same!

With a salad to round it out, it was delicious and SO filling! Yay!

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