Sunday, November 21, 2010

thankful: home surround sound

Nov. 21: Home Surround Sound

I'm thankful for home surround sound, or the next best thing, portable speakers that can play music from the computer to anywhere in the house :0)

Decorating for Christmas just isn't the same without Christmas music playing in the background. I started to get my holiday stuff out yesterday, but had to stop part way through.....the silence was totally killing the mood and my motivation.

So thankful Ryan actually bought the portable speakers I told him not to several months ago 0:-) I was able to listen to all the classics and get everything set up in no time!!


Daniel Stutzman said...

whoa. portable speakers sound totally awesome. How could you have thought that they wouldn't have been a good idea?

Erin and Ryan said...

Well...they got Ryan's attention because they were a good deal and I'm not totally into buying items {unless it's food or clothes for myself..haha!!!} just because it's a good deal.

I didn't think we would use them and they would turn into battery hogs. HOWEVER, you can plug them in {which I didn't know} and have come in very handy...especially this weekend :0)

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