Friday, November 19, 2010

dog of mass destruction

I was wrapping Christmas presents the other day when little dog wanted to help.

After he licked several gifts already wrapped and stacked on the bed I kicked him out.

"People don't want gifts with your doggie drool on more licking!" I told him, then I tossed him over the baby gate I had set up in front of the spare bedroom door.

He looked devastated.

Being the softy that I am, I felt bad and let him play with an empty wrapping paper holder {after tormenting him with it first, of course.}

I snapped this picture immediately after giving it to him, to capture his joy and enthusiasm....

Then I snapped this 45 seconds later.

When I called him into the room to ask him if he had fun, he looked...err...sad.

He either thought he was in trouble or was very disappointed in the longevity of his new toy.

Just wait to see what I have in store for you for Thanksgiving. I'm eeking with excitement about the special surprise I bought you! Until then, no more licking presents....or chewing up rolls of scotch tape!


Kelsey said...

I can't have Wrigley in the room when I wrap gifts either. He likes to steal my scissors/scotch tape/bows/ribbons... basically anything he can get his little paws on. Then I end up chasing him around the house trying to get it back. He thinks it's a great game, but I don't have quite so much fun.

Daniel Stutzman said...

I think that is the most remorseful I've ever seen phin

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