Sunday, August 29, 2010

take me out to the ballgame

What better way to spend a cool and clear Friday night than at a baseball game?

The last time Ryan and I went to a Senator's game it was sunny, hot, and I had been in the sun for the last 8 hours rounding up 9 year old kids.

This time it was beautiful!

We decided to go a few weeks ago, when we found out that Ryan's parents were coming for a weekend visit, but we had no idea it would be the most perfect night for a ball game!

I think everyone else in Harrisburg thought the very same thing as us, because it was packed. Once we got in and seated it was fine, but traffic was awful and after about a 1/2 hr mini-adventure through the heart of Harrisburg we were parked :0) Thanks Lynn!

And 15mins after that we were in our seats and enjoying the game.

Ryan, Larry, & Lynn

It was a close score most of the game, but the Senators pulled through to win!

Larry & Lynn

Ryan & I

Grrrounder {this pic is for Phinley....I'm pretty sure he would have wanted to be his best friend.}

We had a great time {and Lynn you found the ticket...success!}


Lynn said...

Well- thanks for not telling about mny parking garage driving!! We did make it though without hitting the roof.

Lynn said...
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