Wednesday, August 25, 2010

handy man strikes again

Last summer Ryan spent all of his free time working to finish the basement and I'm so glad he did because it's beautiful!

However, this summer he was excited to finally be able to do some small projects around the house he had put off...for about a year :0)

His first project was originally going to be placing hardwood floors in our downstairs foyer and kitchen, but once we realized the cost and that we probably wouldn't get the $$ back, we nixed it.

Then, after 2 months of relaxing, enjoying his summer, and just hanging out with his beautiful wife {hehe} he started on a special project for me!

I had mentioned, seriously maybe once, how it would be nice to have the washer and dryer elevated a bit for easier loading and unloading. He looked online at the drawers you can purchase for under them and without any hesitation or a blink of the eye said, "I can build those."

And sure enough....after 2 days....

And moving some very heavy laundering equipment

And reworking some plumbing

With the help of Little Dog

Of course

There they are! Pretty nice, right? I can't believe he managed to build it in one weekend! He even added carpet to the entire top and bottom of each leg to reduce the noise!

Seriously...did I marry a handy man or what?

My contribution was vacuuming the dust bunny farm behind the dryer and forcing Ryan to ask our strong neighbor man to help him team lift the washer up onto the stand. Ryan thought that I could do it. HAHA

I tried once, then attempted to cry so he wouldn't make me try again -- I thought my arms would pop off. I'm strong, but lifting a washer a foot off the ground...common Ryan. I was proud of myself for just carrying the wooden lift up the stairs!

So...any ideas of what I should have him make for me next?

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