Sunday, July 18, 2010

meeting baby Andrew

Guess who got to finally meet baby Andrew this weekend?

Ryan and I were so excited to make another trip down to NJ this weekend to see Jason & Marissa and meet new little Andrew. He's so dear.

There's nothing better than being an Aunt for the THIRD time! So many nephews now :0)

Uncle Ryan did a super job holding 7 week old Andrew; considering he's only the 2nd baby Ryan ever held!

Nice form Ryan :0)
So precious. He looks just like his Daddy Jason, by the way.

Saturday afternoon, Lynn had a little party to welcome Andrew to the east coast {for good!}.

Four generations....beautiful.

Everyone was there! It's the first time the whole Harris family has been together....

Well, almost the entire family. Sadie {Darren & Kasie's dog} and Phinley didn't make the picture. Phinley LOVES baby Andrew and would have just stared at him the whole time {ruining the picture}.


He wanted to lick his face so very badly, but we said no :0) After a bit, Phin actually did really well and calmed down a lot! He gets so excited and a little barky when kids are around, so we weren't really sure how he would be.

After a few hours and a strategically positioned water bottle to guard Andrew, Phinley just slept and chewed his bone most of the afternoon :0)

Grandma Lynn would have protected him anyways......she adores Andrew :0)

I adore him too, isn't he just so cute?

I got to hold him during worship service at church today AND talk to him the whole time his mommy was at the b-fast buffet at brunch!

Can't wait to visit J, M, & A up north this fall!

So glad you are all back on our side of the USA!

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Emily said...

Oh my goodness, he is SOOOO cute! I can't remember Asher being that small!

That photo of Phinley staring at him is hilarious. I think it's great that he loves babies. :o)

By the way, Drew and I were driving around today and saw a "dog bakery" -- of course I thought of Phin.

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