Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Softball Championship Game

I am so glad that Ryan decided to join the church softball team this season! They not only had their best season ever 16-3, they won the championship game on Sunday night!

I was at most of their games and it was pretty clear that they were pretty good, especially compared to the other teams. It was fun for everyone, but Devonshire had some real all-star players and worked great as a team!

To make it an extra special night, Lynn and Larry came from NJ to watch Ryan play! We went to Isaacs for a pre-game dinner, then headed over to the field. Ryan hit his 1st and only triple...I think his parents must have been good luck!

Here are some pictures from the big game!

Guys from the team watching the game before them finish up. It must have been pretty exciting...everyone buy Lenny is watching!

Jordan playing 3rd base. He made some awesome catches and tags!

Ryan played catcher. No face mask or gear for this slow pitch softball position! He also played short stop during the season.

Todd very excited about the last inning...the scored ruuuunnnnsss!!

Ryan's getting ready to bat.

These are the daughters, sons, and nieces of the men that played. They sat still and watched throughout most of the game. Lynn and I were both impressed!

Yes! Victory!

Devonshire giving the other team high fives.

I tried to zoom in on Ryan (he's in the back) during the group shot.

Group shot with the huge trophie. That thing was gigantic! They were all so excited!

After the game they all got together to say a prayer. They did this after every game...I thought it was wonderful :0)


Congratulations Devonshire on an awesome season! I was so impressed with Ryan and proud of him for going out for the team even though he hadn't played in a long time and wasn't sure what to expect!! I also had a lot of fun chattin' with the ladies during the games. They were all so fun to hang out with during those double headers!
Next, Ryan is coaching a kickball league from work. Yeah, kickball. I'll let you know how that goes. haha

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