Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mom and Dad Visit!

It was so sad to see my parents leave Sunday morning, but so good to have them here with us over the weekend!

On Thursday, we headed to Lancaster to visit some of my mom's favorite craft shops, as well as, the Pottery Barn Outlet! I didn't even know this existed until one of the women from our small group filled me in! I didn't buy anything O:0), but my parents lucked out and found a lamp they were searching for. When we got home I made Ryan's famous Chicken Parmesan - poor guy worked hard all day while we were shopping. After dinner we played Clue and watched American was fabulous!

Friday wasn't much different than Thursday :-) My dad installed a new faucet for us (it was the one they had in their house before they replaced the countertops), and my mom and I ran some errands around Harrisburg. Once Ryan got home, he was working all day again, we ate dinner then went to see Slumdog Millionaire. It was a good movie, but a little violent for me. I can't stand violence or watching any type of just sticks in my head forever! The plot of the movie was really good though.

Saturday we headed to Philadelphia for my Aunt Gretchen and Uncle Matt's combined birthday party. It was good to see some of my extended family and catch up a bit. We were exhausted after a day of traveling and partying so we all looked forward to warm beds as soon as we got home.

I'll put up a few pictures of our weekend sometime this week...I'm waiting for a day when I don't get called to sub. I started this post a couple of days ago and have just been too busy to finish it!

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